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Lumion 3D Rendering Courses

Lumion 3D Rendering Courses

This course is available to study as an Online Course.

  • Starting to work with Lumion
  • A quick overview
  • Camera navigation in Lumion
  • Controlling 3D models
  • Handling the 3D models using Lumion
  • Importing an external 3D model
  • Using Lumion's 3D models
  • Hotkeys to control the 3D models
  • Saving in Lumion
  • The Settings menu - how to use it
  • Modelling for Lumion
  • Modelling for visualization
  • Improving the scene by adding detail
  • Beveling edges
  • Using additional models
  • Importance of materials
  • Materials affecting the geometry in Lumion
  • Exporting the 3D model
  • Using the COLLADA file format
  • Exporting animations
  • Creating a scene in Lumion
  • Using the nine scenes
  • Saving the scene
  • How the to save system works
  • Autosave - the lifesaver
  • Importing a proxy or a low geometry 3D model
  • Sculpting the terrain
  • Lumion's sculpting tools
  • Shaping the terrain with the Height submenu
  • Sculpting techniques
  • Working with the Terrain submenu
  • Using terrain or height maps
  • Creating a heightmap
  • Creating height maps for real locations
  • Modelling a 3D terrain
  • The Landscape material
  • Using Lumion's layers
  • Why use layers?
  • Importing 3D Models
  • The importance of planning
  • Checking Lumion's content
  • Importing 3D models
  • External 3D model
  • Adding Lumion's objects to the scene
  • Placing the 3D models
  • Rearranging 3D models
  • Working with materials
  • Assigning materials to a 3D model
  • Naming materials
  • Removing a material
  • Reflection, glossiness, and more
  • An extra touch with the custom materials
  • Working with the Glass material
  • Hiding geometry with the Invisible material
  • Creating swimming pools and other water surfaces
  • Advantages of using Lumion's materials
  • Using imported materials in Lumion
  • Transforming images into textures
  • Creating seamless textures
  • Using UVs in Lumion
  • Controlling the reflection with an alpha channel
  • Clipping a surface with an alpha channel
  • The Glass special feature
  • Creating materials in Lumion
  • The Standard material
  • The mysterious Advanced Options menu
  • Creating a normal map
  • Organizing materials
  • Creating Your 3D World 109
  • Different categories and what we can find
  • Idle, animated, and other 3D models
  • Project planning
  • Placing and controlling 3D models in Lumion
  • Placing a 3D model from Lumion's library
  • Lighting in Lumion
  • Lumion lighting - a quick overview
  • Adjusting the Weather menu
  • Exterior lighting with the Weather menu
  • Photo and Movie modes - a very quick introduction
  • How to create a golden and blue hour
  • Creating a golden and blue hour with the Sun effect
  • Adding realistic clouds using the Cloud effect
  • Interior lighting with Lumion's lights
  • Spotlight, Omni light, and fill light
  • Placing lights
  • Using the fill light
  • Tweaking lights with the Properties menu
  • Working with Global illumination
  • Improving reflections with a reflection cube
  • Rendering the final movie
  • Exporting an entire movie with two clicks
  • Best practices - exporting individual clips and a sequence of images
  • Best practices - rendering a sequence of images
  • Render passes

Individual Classes times can be arranged for your convenience. Professional Training. Course Conducted by Qualified Lectures.

Recognized Certificated will be issued by us. Institute Awarded by Ministry of Education and Microsoft.


40 Hours

Course Fee

LKR 18,500

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